David  Behrman

Pen Light & View Finder, Berlin, 2002

Parochialkirche, June — July 2002.

Inventionen Festival

Thanks to Carsten Seiffarth, Ingrid Beirer, Sukandar Kartadinata, EVA Industries, Bob Bielecki, Phill Niblock, Zeitkratzer


elements of Pen Light (the piece in the small room up the first flight of stairs): computer-controlled fans and flashlights, light sensors under inverted shot glasses, computer music software.

Flashlights swing in a wind created by puffs of air from the fans. Light from the flashlights refracted by the shot glasses hits the light sensors; they trigger changes in the music.

elements of View Finder (the piece in the large gallery at the top of the church): a small video camera, a laptop running music software, a 4-channel sound system.

The camera senses movement of people in the space and triggers changes in the ongoing music.